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About The HTML Template Files

The HTML template consists of an HTML file (.html) and supporting files (.css and .inc). The template references the supporting files (external style sheets and server-side include files) to produce parts of the template that use the same code across all your site’s pages.

Download the template files (.zip)

This download consists of:

  • 2 HTML template files
    • three column pages: template-regularpage.html
    • two column pages (wide content area): template-widepage.html
  • 1 CSS file
    • site-specific stylesheet: sitestyles.css
  • 2 Include files
    • left sidebar:
    • bottom link menu:
  • and 3 Photoshop source files to create the Graphical Header
    • tall banner with image: 675x180.psd
    • tall banner, no image: 910x180.psd
    • short banner: 910x70.psd

These files will be customized and stored in your site’s directory.

In addition, the template also references supporting files that are stored on the main York directory. Whenever possible, we advise keeping the references to these central files as they may need to be occasionally updated.

If your website does not reside on Central Web, or uses server-side scripting such as PHP, you may have to use a different technique to implement the parts of the template which use server-side includes.