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Web Standards

These Web Standards are intended to guide the application of the University's visual identity across the different kinds of web pages, websites and web applications used to communicate within the University and with the public. They are also intended to provide consistency in implementation.

These standards address some key aspects of a consistent web presence, but may not address every design situation that may arise. If in doubt, contact Marketing & Creative Services (

Web Style Guide

The standards described in the York Website Style Guide should be applied to all websites on the domain. This document describes look & feel details to maintain consistency throughout all websites, and in turn, improve the user experience across all York websites.

It is advised that you first contact Marketing & Creative Services for an initial consultation before building a website on the domain. It is recommended that all new websites using this template should be reviewed and approved by Marketing & Creative Services before launch.

Web Page Accessibility Guidelines

The Web Accessibility Guidelines summarize strategies to make York University’s web pages more accessible to people with disabilities. These guidelines should be used for all University webpages.

Production Guide

The Production Guide describes how to implement the HTML templates provided to produce the look and feel of the York template.

Web Applications using Passport York

The Web Application Template should be used for any web application or web page that makes use of both Passport York authentication and personal/confidential user data (such as SIS data or student numbers).

Web pages or applications that use Passport York but do not make use of personal/confidential user data should use the standard York web template. It is advised that you contact UIT Client Services for an initial consultation if you are using third-party software which has limitations in the customization of templates. All web application pages and web pages using this template should be reviewed and approved by UIT Development Services before launch.